Gracious, this is a surprise. A "flash mob" in Russia dancing to one of the swing era's classics, Irving Berlin's Puttin' on the Ritz!

What a rush. But please be patient with the video, the first minute shows a meandering of people milling about a large hilltop square or bridge featuring a scenic vantage point midst snow-clad terrain where folk get ready for what will astound your senses and have you up dancing too with those awesome participants "putting on the ritz" indeed, somewhere in Russia during last year's winter. Roots Action inspires with the video which is published and intended to be seen by world leaders, especially Obama. :.

Moscow Mob Dancing to "Puttin' on the Ritz" (original by Irving Berlin)

However, there's a petition to sign involved with this piece::.

Mr President: Watch This Video

This is some of the text you'll find there:

It’s been decades since the Cold War ended, yet our country still has 450 U.S. inter-continental ballistic missiles deployed and ready to fire at Russia on a moment's notice. The Russian people are not our enemy. Their dancing – and this video – inspires us. Let’s get rid of these missiles. Let’s take a giant dance step toward peace.

Roots Action
Click the icon in bottom right hand corner to watch a pop up 'full screen' video of the event. Am still bopping about in my head although the video has ceased. Must play it again. :yes:

Have a grand mid March weekend everyone.

Heaps of warm (((hugs))) to all. Love is always!

"Make DANCE ...not WAR!!!"

Source of video and petition: Roots Action